Animated Fantasy Brunch


i.     There is no nice food. I’m not eating…

ii.    Fine. You can go back to bed.

iii.   Why can’t I choose what I want to eat?

iv.    I am in no mood to discuss that right now. Eat your salad before you can eat your toast and sausage or stay in bed. Without any gadget.

v.     Why?

vi.    Because I’m the mom and I said so.

vii.   Can I borrow your iPhone for a minute?

viii.  Didn’t I just say no gadget?

ix.    Where is it?

x.     In the kingdom of far far away.

xi.    Mom?

xii.   Yes?

xiii.  Shrek loves Fiona even if she’s not an ogre.

Thursday 13

ABC Wednesday


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